Vida Digital – Fabrizio Mejía Madrid


My rating: 4 stars

During a long night of insomnia, we join a forty-something man in what may be his mid-life crisis, or may just be an effort to come to grips with the realities of his life. Poking around on Facebook, he drifts off into a fantasy about a beautiful woman who won’t accept his friendship request. When he is unable to even bring his fantasy to a successful conclusion, we realize we’re in for some serious soul-searching. The question “what is love?” leads to an in-depth review of the thoughts of philosophers on the subject throughout history. Similarly, as the main character’s thoughts move gradually away from fantasy toward reality, he investigates such other deep questions as “what is human nature?” and “what is life?” By the end of the night, he has returned fully to reality, quite possibly in a better position to make some of the important life decisions that await him. An interesting, highly introspective literary novel, dealing bravely and imaginatively with a widely misunderstood issue.

Un hombre en sus cuarentas, ligeramente calvo, algo pasado de peso, tiene la impresión de que ha visto pasar la vida demasiado rápido y todavía no sabe qué fue lo que vio. Lo que no se le convirtió en un trauma, se le convirtió en un vicio. Ahora es un lío de heridas, miedos, inconexiones y pequeños excesos. Y ahora, en medio de tanta confusión, una joven mujer lo inquieta más de lo que está dispuesto a admitir. En una larga noche de navegación por internet, pensamientos perdidos, divagaciones y recuento existencial, trata de saber qué hacer con su vida. Quizá lo consiga, aunque el lector se ve tentado a apostar que no.

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