Guisados Tacos – Echo Park, Los Angeles – Chicken Tinga Taco


A guisado is a stew, and that’s what Guisados uses to make their unique tacos. There’s a range of delicious, well-known dishes made from pork, chicken, beef and veggies to choose from. The tacos are small but filling, served on heavy, hand-made tortillas, with a base of black bean salsa. My friend Leili and I tried several of the selections, and my favorite was the chicken tinga, a rich stew of chicken and interesting spices.

I haven’t been to the original Boyle Heights location, but the Sunset Boulevard spot was nicely busy on a Tuesday lunch time, with a cheerful mural-decorated outdoor patio.

The website doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, but maybe it will be back by the time you read this:

1 thought on “Guisados Tacos – Echo Park, Los Angeles – Chicken Tinga Taco

  1. I got so excited seeing this post! I was just visiting LA about a month ago from NYC, and one of the locals in our group suggested we eat here for lunch on a Sunday. It was such a cute spot, and the mural was in progress. I had the cochinita pibil tacos, and they were AMAZING! So so good, I’ll definitely be back on my next trip.

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