9th Caesar Salad Festival – Tijuana – June 30



Note: The date has been changed from June 23rd to June 30th

It’s pretty much confirmed that the Caesar Salad was created in Tijuana. For several years now, the city of Tijuana has held a celebration on Avenida Revolución to commemorate it. I never knew about it until now, but there’s a good chance you’ll see me there this year.

Here’s a brief history:


4 thoughts on “9th Caesar Salad Festival – Tijuana – June 30

  1. It was very interesting reading about the Cardini connection to Caesar Salad. Cardini is the only commercial brand I like. When I lived in LA, Gelson’s had a great dressing they called Caesar, but it wasn’t creamy like the classic. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued or I’d have it sent to me here in CT. Thee best freshly made Caesar I ever had was at a restaurant in Acapulco called Armando’s which has been gone for a long time. They called it Armando’s Salad…

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