Azuñia Platinum Blanco Tequila – Casablanca Restaurant – Venice, CA


At my friend Robert’s suggestion, I went for the first time to Casablanca, a long-time tradition on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice.

Shortly after arriving, we were offered “the best margarita you’ve ever had.” I begged off, but Robert took up the challenge, and reviewed the range of super-premium tequilas that were on offer. He went with the Azuñia Platinum Blanco.

Azuñia tequilas are made from 100% Weber Blue Agave that comes from the Zuñiga family farms in the Tequila growing region of Jalisco, Mexico. The plants are cooked for 36 hours in clay ovens before being pressed, fermented and twice distilled. Here’s a great website that describes the process, with photos and all.

And yes, it was the best margarita Robert has ever had.

Here’s Casablanca’s website:

El Parián – Birria – Los Angeles


Walking into this Jalisco style restaurant, you would swear you were in Mexico. The smells, decorations, customers and staff all add to the image. The food is wonderful, and everyone is very friendly. My friend is a vegetarian, and they even brought him a beautiful bean and cheese burrito for $3.95… And it’s the best birria I’ve had anywhere. I’m now a regular customer, despite the slightly awkward location.