Gloria Trevi – Hoy me iré de casa

A live performance of Mexico’s mega-star performing one of her most popular songs. The song dates from the early 90s, but this performance appears to be about 15 years later. I saw her live at the Universal Amphitheater some time around 2004, and there was the same adulation from the crowd. Notice the entire audience knows every word of the song.

Jorge Negrete – Ay Jalisco no te rajes

I just read a novel in which two Mexicans are stranded in Montreal, and eat every night at a restaurant called Jalisco No Te Rajes. Turns out it’s a famous song from a famous 1940s movie. I assume this is a clip from that film… A nice scene from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

Grupo Limite – Solo Contigo

The first time I heard this group, it was on the radio as I was pulling into the parking lot at the dry cleaner. I dashed into the store and begged a nice Mexican woman to come out and tell me who was singing.

Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of this Norteño/Tejano (according to Wikipedia) band from northern Mexico. The music is always light and cheerful, and I adore Alicia Villareal’s sweet vocal style. The band broke up a few years ago, when Alicia went on to a solo career… More to come on that subject.