Amandititita – An Acoustic Peformance

I’ve been mesmerized for years by this diminutive performer who sings outrageously funny songs about ordinary people and their idiosyncrasies… all to a cheesy but hypnotic cumbia beat.

I just found this unplugged, gentler version of one of her well-known songs, with only herself, a guitar and an accordion.

Los Lobos – Kiko and the Lavender Moon

Mexican radio station Ibero 90.9 has a series called 6 Tracks, in which guests are asked to name 6 songs that have been important in their lives. This is one of the songs selected by Bernardo Fernández, Bef, illustrator, graphic designer and author (see my review of his wonderful novel Ojos de Lagarto)

Here’s the link to see the rest of the tracks he selected: