Looking For Seafood in Mexico




I took a long taxi ride to the beach in Tijuana to try a restaurant that Anthony Bourdain featured on his show. Guess what? Terraza Vallarta isn’t there any more. $22 in cab rides later, at least I had a nice conversation with the cab driver… It was one of the less expensive little white cabs, so I probably made his night.

On Saturday night in Hermosillo, I took another long cab ride – not as long this time – to a Sinaloa style seafood restaurant called El Charco. Before the taxi could leave, a lovely young woman raced out to tell me that they closed at 7:00 pm. I’ve come across this with other seafood places in Mexico.I ended up at La Cobacha, a huge place with an extensive menu. I had a mixture of shrimp, scallops and avocado in a sweetish red sauce called Manjar de Neptuno… Finally got my seafood fix.

La Playita – Santa Monica – Shrimp Tacos


La Playita

It’s just a little stand on Lincoln Boulevard near Rose, but I love their fresh seafood. The shrimp tacos are as simple as you can imagine, grilled shrimp, some lettuce and cilantro, and a splash of rich, spicy salsa wrapped in warm tortillas. And a dash of Tapatío, of course.