Cumbia Rebajada in Monterrey


Monterrey has been the center of a Cumbia culture that has evolved since the Colombian style of music was introduced in the 1960s. Unique clothing, hair and dance styles have all developed, as has a rather interesting musical adaptation called Cumbia Rebajada. That’s where they take a regular Cumbia and slow it down.

Here’s a great article called “The Cholombians” from the Vice website:

And here’s a Cumbia Rebajada – Give it a chance, and it’ll grow on you.:

Ana Gabriél – Tijuana Concert June 15th

It was 1992, and I was travelling aimlessly in South America in the full grasp of a mid-life crisis. In Santiago, Chile, one evening, I turned on the TV and watched with my mouth open as this little woman brought down the house at a large concert venue. I had never heard of Ana Gabriel, but the audience certainly knew her songs by heart. It turned out she was performing at the annual festival in Viña Del Mar, a short bus ride from Santiago. I arrived in time for the final evening of the festival, where I saw some great acts, but none was as exciting as Ana Gabriel had been, even though I only saw her on TV.

She is coming to Tijuana this weekend, and I may take advantage of the chance to finally see her live in concert.