Quesadilla de Huitlacoche y Pollo


Walking through the Olympic Mercado in downtown Los Angeles, I was drawn to the stand where they were making quesadillas. When I saw the big dish of huitlacoche, I was powerless, and placed my order.

Huitlacoche seems to be translated as “corn smut”, but it’s a fungus that grows on the corn plant, and has a complex, musky flavor of corn and… well, fungus. Mexicans are divided on the subject, but I tend to line up with those who love it with a passion.

Some braised chicken, grilled onions and shredded nopal on a hot, cheesy tortilla rounded out the experience, and I was a happy guy.

Mysterious Tacos – Mexico City


I never quite had the courage to try the tacos at this wonderful stand on Av. Buenos Aires. I think I recognize chorizo, tripas and nopales, but there are all sorts of other goodies cooking away in this gigantic pan… I suspect the reason I didn’t try it is that it is just down the street from my favorite place for Tacos al Pastor. I’ll tell you about that in a later post.