The Restaurant With No Name




I’ve been curious for a long time about the restaurant next door to the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles. In a previous post, I featured a wonderful octopus cocktail I had there, but never figured out the name of the place.

The sign outside says “Home of the Original Shrimp Place since 1929,” but it actually seems to be a food court with 2 food stands and a bar in back… I guess I’m satisfied with that as a reason to have no name.

Meanwhile, I had a delicious shrimp tostada, and couldn’t resist a repeat of the octopus cocktail. Name or no name, it’s on my list of fun, tasty places.

Cemita – Food Truck on Whittier Blvd. East Los Angeles


I walk right past so many food trucks, so I don’t know what instinct told me to stop and try this one. Cemitas are a version of Mexican tortas that come from the Puebla region, south of Mexico City. This one was made by somebody who really understands food… A beautifully fresh roll with chicken milanesa, string cheese, slices of avocado and sun-dried tomato.