The Restaurant With No Name




I’ve been curious for a long time about the restaurant next door to the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles. In a previous post, I featured a wonderful octopus cocktail I had there, but never figured out the name of the place.

The sign outside says “Home of the Original Shrimp Place since 1929,” but it actually seems to be a food court with 2 food stands and a bar in back… I guess I’m satisfied with that as a reason to have no name.

Meanwhile, I had a delicious shrimp tostada, and couldn’t resist a repeat of the octopus cocktail. Name or no name, it’s on my list of fun, tasty places.

La Favorita – Sacramento – Octopus Cocktail


I had been a regular at this South Sacramento restaurant for quite some time before it occurred to me to try the coctél de pulpo. It was the prettiest version I’ve ever seen, sweet but ocean-fresh, with the rich tomato concentrate near the bottom, so it blended gradually as I ate.